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The only characteristic that is typical of teachers with a low efficacy level is the capacity of
The fragment It is new, ever-changing, expensive, difficult to master, complex to manage, wide-ranging in its potential, disruptive of existing systems. (lines 52-54) is illustrative of several language processes that contribute to reading comprehension.

All of the following language features are found in the fragment and could be highlighted by the teacher to help students grasp the form and meaning of this passage, but for
The relation between the pairs of words below is that of verb-noun, EXCEPT in
In terms of reference,
The ideas exposed in the fragment Teachers with a higher sense of efficacy show greater enthusiasm for and are more inclined towards teaching, feel more commitment to teaching and are more likely to stay in the profession (Burley, et al., 1991; Glickman & Tamashiro, 1982). (lines 86-90) are logically structured by

  • 16) D
  • 17) C
  • 18) E
  • 19) D
  • 20) B


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