According to the 2nd paragraph of the text, after the Covid-19 outbreak, banks initially had to face the following number of challenges:


Concerning the renewable energy industry, the author affirms that it

The overall purpose of the text is


In the fragment of the text “It all comes down to the relationship between oil and gas production and the price of electricity, which directly affects the bottom line of technologies like wind and solar” (lines 14-17), the pronoun which refers to
In the 6th paragraph of the text, the highlighted expression as well as, in the fragment “as well as ability to change direction and submerge” is associated with the idea of

In the sentence of the last paragraph “In short, banks are best-placed to succeed if they commit to end-to-end digital transformation”, the phrase In short conveys an idea of


In the fragment of the text “Thankfully, this time around, the

outlook for renewable energy isn't so bleak" (lines 11-12), the

word bleak can be replaced, with no change in meaning, by

In paragraph 7, the word However in the fragment “In the humanoid league, the players are human-like robots with human-like senses. However, they are rather slow” can be replaced, without change in meaning, by

Based on the information presented in Text I, the expression in bold type and the item in parenthesis are semantically equivalent in

In the text fragment of the sixth paragraph “RoboCup Soccer Federation, the “FIFA” of robots, which supports five leagues, imposes restrictions on players’ design and rules of the game”, the word which refers to