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According to the text, identify the propositions below as true ( T ) or false ( F ) and chose the correct alternative, from top to bottom.

( ) The pronoun their (line 3) refers to ‘hoaxes’.

( ) The word misleading (line 2) could be replaced by ‘deceptive’ without change in meaning.

( ) The pronoun it (line 7) refers to ‘digital media’.

( ) The meaning of the sentence ‘Fake news has been one of the most hotly-debated socio-political topics of recent years’ (line 1) is that ‘lately fake news has been one of the socio-political issues most often agreed to be harmful’.


Analyze the propositions that follow according to the text and chose the correct alternative. I. This text has been produced because these days fake news has become very common and needs to be combated. II. The chart presented aims at furnishing readers with clues that can be used in order to avoid being a victim of fake news. III. The pervasive power of false rumors vary according to hoaxes and frequency of the kind of information being released and spread online. IV. The reliability of the news is regarded higher when broadcast on social media. V. More than 50% of the population has been trying to combat fake news.


The chart above:


  • 1) C
  • 2) D
  • 3) A
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