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Mark the statements below as true ( T ) or false ( F ) according to Text I.

( ) Internal steering by contract and performance related pay are two main ideas that come from Weber.

( ) Weberian ideals now belong to the past and are only used for historical interest.

( ) Employment flexibility is one of the tenets of the New Public Management.

The correct sequence is:


The first paragraph describes the


The subtitle of Text II implies that the plan will


Text II discusses issues related to the opening up of the Tapajós basin for trade. Based on the text, analyse the following statements:

I. The Brazilian government is willing to build the dams without any international investment.

II. Local politicians believe the project may bring economic development to the region.

III. There might be considerable environmental impact if the plan is carried out.

Choose the correct answer:


The word “True” in “True, many tools and management practices associated with the NPM” has the same function as


When the author defines China as “the world’s most numerous dining tables”, he is referring to its


Text I compares New Public Management and Weberian administration. In this respect, analyse the following statements.

I. The findings reported are not very telling as the sample is rather small.

II. Some countries have made more progress than others in implementing NPM.

III. The British, Danish, and Dutch showed a preference towards market provision.

Choose the correct answer:


The word “Despite” in the sentence “Despite attempts to normalize public employment in some countries” indicates


  • 1) A
  • 2) D
  • 3) C
  • 4) E
  • 5) C
  • 6) E
  • 7) E
  • 8) B
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