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About Comparatives and Superlatives, analyses the phrases which the comparatives or superlatives are being used correctly:

I.Argentina is bigger than Colombia, but Brazil is the most biggest country in South America.

II.Mercury is the hotter planet in the Solar System.

III.Snakes and lizards are slower than foxes. IV.I think my English is getting better but my Spanish is getting worse.


Mark True or False to the sentences below, according to the information in the text: ( ) The taxi driver couldn’t speak English. ( ) The author understood the waitress’s question. ( ) The author asked for directions to a bank. ( ) The author thought telling the time in Polish was very easy.


About the Relative Pronouns, complete the sentences below:

I.My sister, ____ lived abroad, wants to travel again.

II.That's the lawyer ____ daughter suffered an accident this morning.

III.The ecclesiastic ____ had a sore throat preached a fine sermon.

IV.The company in ____ she works will open a new branch here.

The correct alternative, respectively, is:


Assinale a alternativa em que todas as transcrições fonéticas estejam CORRETAS:


Read the sentences below and observe the phrasal verbs:

I.The mother asks Samantha to make up with her sister Jane. They will go to a party.

II.We could put off this meeting. I'm too busy this Friday.

III.We ran into some old friends at the bar. We don't much like them.

Now, choose the alternative with the right translation to these sentences:


According to the text, judge the sentences below and decide if is it True or False: ( ) The author was feeling less confident in the third test, because she decided to ask for directions to a chemist and did not understand anything. ( ) The author went back to the hotel to making a phone call to talk to Adam, a Kasia’s friend in her for test four. ( ) The last test was incredibly difficult. The test was to ask about the time in the street, but the author had a brilliant idea and asked to a man to show his watch to her. The correct alternative is:


When a child starts learning English, the teacher has to develop four skills in the learning/education process: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Mark True or False to each sentence about these skills:

( ) Writing is the easiest skill to work in English, the pronunciation of words in English helps the students because they can write the words like they speak as in Portuguese.

( ) The speaking production has become incredibly important, not only objectifying the accuracy of pronunciation, with those activities of memorization and repetition of sentences, but with the accomplishment of communication activities that the student can develop an interaction with the teacher and with the other colleagues.

( ) It is through listening that they can have a more direct connection with a foreign language and use this ability to be aware of the language system in the different levels of language is to establish a basis for speaking ability.

The correct alternative is:


According to the text, what does the author conclude about learning Polish:


About Prepositions, complete the sentences below with the right preposition:

I.I am going to meet you ____ Sunday, ____ a quarter past six.

II.____ Easter I used to have dinner with my grandparents, but ____ Christmas day I have dinner with my parents. III.My mom lives ____ Rio de Janeiro, _____ Princesa Izabel Avenue ____ 345. I'll meet you there. The correct alternative, respectively, is:


Thinking of the use of elements of text, mark the correct answer:


As opções abaixo revelam uma mensagem eletrônica que um cliente enviou para um hotel em Seattle nos EUA solicitando informações sobre a região em que o hotel está situado. Assinale a alternativa que apresenta a mensagem gramaticalmente CORRETA:


  • 1) C
  • 2) C
  • 3) A
  • 4) C
  • 5) B
  • 6) C
  • 7) C
  • 8) C
  • 9) B
  • 10) B
  • 11) C
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