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“If the car maker you were thinking of going with, like Toyota, for instance, isn't on the list, don't change your car-buying plans just for this software.” In the sentence above, we can comprehend that: Read the text and answer the following two questions. “If you invite me to your wedding or hen party, you’ll handle me in one of three ways. One: you brief everyone, so there’s no chance they’ll ask about my relationship status. Two: you shoot me a sympathetic glance when something romantic happens and tell me how tired you are of wedding planning. Three: you don’t acknowledge my divorce at all, and treat me exactly the same as every other guest. The third is my favorite. The world already gives me ample reminders that I am different from most people my age. I was married at 23, divorced by 25. Some of you were at the wedding and have no doubt revisited that day, searching for clues that the marriage was doomed. It turns out there were none; everything was wrong from the start, but we were all too young to notice, or too polite to point it out. I spent years justifying my decision to continue with the relationship. We had stopped making time for each other, and he paid very little attention to me on our wedding day. But we’d been together six years and romance doesn’t last forever, does it? The best of you were supportive when I repeated this mantra, but there was enough skepticism in your expression to push me to start questioning it.” (


In the fragment, “would have a limited range with today's battery technology", the underlined word can be replaced by:


Read the news below and answer the following question.

In the second and third paragraph, the blanks can be filled by the verbs.


Mark the sentence in which the plural form is wrong:


“The pyro-carbon material is also well known for its biocompatibility and __________________________ in numerous prostheses, including heart valves.”


Read the news below and answer the following question.

In the last two paragraphs, it is possible to fill the blanks with the prepositions:


“I just had never checked that stuff out before. And I became again interested in country music also."

The underlined item can be replaced by the phrasal verb:


“A bigger apparent size for the Moon and a smaller one for the Sun equals a longer totality.” The underlined verb can be replaced by:


“we are oriented toward cars, which are an amazing technology that allow ____________________ independence.” Choose the best option to complete the sentence.


Read the statements.

I. The author would be invited to a wedding or hen party.

II. The author was married and divorced among 23 and 25.

III. The author explained herself a lot about the divorce.

IV. The author believes that romance should be forever.

It is right which is written in:


Read the statements about the news.

I. EasyJet, a British airline, is interested in using electric airplanes. It almost has a two-seater prototype and plans to build a 120-seater plane in 10 years.

II. The electric planes would have a range of around 530 kilometers, so people could only use them for short flights. However, short flights make up around 20% of EasyJet's flights.

III. EasyJet says that electric aircraft could be revolutionary. If clean electricity is generated, there is no need for fossil fuels.

IV. Battery-powered planes also claim to be 10% cheaper for airlines, as well as 50% quieter, too.

It is correct the options:


According to the context, choose the best title for the text:


  • 1) A
  • 2) A
  • 3) C
  • 4) C
  • 5) B
  • 6) D
  • 7) A
  • 8) D
  • 9) B
  • 10) C
  • 11) D
  • 12) B
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