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Below are five statements. Only one is false. Which is it?


The first clause of the first three paragraphs begins with the word "it", as in It all felt so easy. A free translation for it can be Tudo pareceu/parecia tão fácil.

Next, there are five statements about the word it.

I- In the first phrase it was used as dummy object.

II- English clauses which are not imperatives must have a subject. Sometimes we need to use a ‗dummy' or ‗empty' or ‗artificial' subject when there is no subject attached to the verb, and where the real subject is somewhere else in the clause. It and there are the two dummy subjects used in English.

III- It is used in the normal subject position in statements about time, distance, or weather.

IV- In the second clause - It was like this crazy déjà vu – it could be replaced by Shaun.

V- In ―It did not happen four years ago.‖ it is used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified.


Read the clauses:

1- Then came the disappointment of Sochi, where he had a chance to win with his last run.

2- In October, White crashed during practice in New Zealand and smashed his face.

About them, it is false:


Sobre Perfect, é falso o que afirma a letra:


Read the statements I to V. I- The text can be used to study the simple past. II- There is not perfect present in the text. III- There are imperative clauses in it. IV- In the clauses ―We are still kids, but we‘re so in love [,..]‖ and ―When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful‖, so is used for emphasis (very much). V- There are possessive determiners, but none possessive pronoun. About the statements above it‘s true the letter:


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  • 5) E

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